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Insurance Awareness Month



Held each September, Life Insurance Awareness Month is an industry-wide effort created in response to growing concern about the large number of Americans who lack adequate life insurance protection.

Life insurance is not for you – it’s for your family!

If you think you don’t need life insurance, you’re right. You purchase it for the loved ones in your absence.

At a time of great emotional stress, financial concerns can be overwhelming especially if your family is forced to move, re-enter the workforce or make other significant lifestyle changes.

Would you leave behind significant credit card debt, mortgage or student loans? If you’re young and your spouse or parents cosigned your loans, they may be liable for your debt or may have to pay off a loan immediately.

Life insurance can help keep your family members from having to tackle large financial issues when they may be least equipped to do so.

Since your family can feel the economic impact of your loss well into the future we want to help you plan in advance of an actual need. There is no better way to start then this September during Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Life insurance is not for you – it’s for your business!

In addition, we have been helping businesses establish key person insurance to ensure the continuity of your business without the stress of losing the productivity and effectiveness of any business partner or key person within your company. Whether you lose a partner, an executive or a trusted employee, your business will suffer without proper planning in the event of an unexpected passing. Key person insurance can help alleviate the situation and save the day in the short and or long term.

Life insurance is not for you – it is your legacy!

Finally, life insurance can help you leave a legacy.

When you purchase life insurance, you choose at least one or more beneficiaries - the people or entities that would receive a benefit from your policy.

In addition to naming family members as beneficiaries, some people choose to name their church, favorite charity or nonprofit organizations that supports causes they care about.

In some cases, life insurance can enable you to give in death more than you might have been able to donate to the cause during your lifetime.

VJH Concierge Financial Planning services - it’s for you!

This September we offer a complimentary consultation to assess any needs you may have and make the necessary recommendations.

We encourage you to contact our office to talk to Vernon, who has decades of life insurance experience, and have a relaxed discussion regarding your current or potential family situation. He develops strategized portfolios and recommends solutions to match your personal goals.